Our Story

Vision Socks by the Toronto Water

The Vision:

We played a lot of team sports growing up and our coaches would remind us to, "have vision." But what did that mean? 

As we developed as athletes so did our appreciation for The Vision – from fixation on scoring to a near-telepathic connection with our teammates. The Vision became a widening perspective, eventually transcending sport. 

It is an appreciation for the big picture at 35, 000 feet up. At the same time, it is attention to granular detail.

It is the courage to dare, the determination that never breaks, the curiosity to discover, and the compassion that unites.  

The Come-Up:

In 2014, 3 college freshmen decided it was time to change the game. Bland tube socks had to go. Conformity had been stomping on visionaries for too long. In months, we launched our Kickstarter campaign out of our college dorm and never looked back.

Vision has become a trusted sock company in lacrosse, but the brand is so much more! Our products are designed to make a statement. With each step in conquering your daily tasks, they are a subtle but bold assertion of your unique ambition. 

With each year, our socks have adapted, embracing the dynamic spirit of the Vision. More style. More performance. More comfort.

Vision Wear Founders. Dobson Cup McGill Startup AND Ontario Lacrosse Festival  


Pink Tiger Socks Creative Illustration Birkenstocks

We celebrate creativity. The Vision is more than a sock, it’s an expression of our individuality. From the start, our designs have been made from scratch by our team. We also work on collaborations with fellow artists.


Sailboat Socks Performance Running on Field

Our product is engineered for function. More than a flashy look, our unique socks are made to last in the most trying of environments – optimized for sport, the weekend, or the workplace. Check out the technical features.


Casual Comfortable Cycling Socks for biking fixie

Embracing athleisure, our product is made to seamlessly transition comfortably through all scenes of life. We focus on aesthetic and structural integrity so that you can carry on your day with ease.

Social Impact:

Rooted in our lacrosse beginnings, we strive to use our company as a platform for empowering those in need. Lacrosse originates with the Iroquois, a First Nations people of North America. In their culture, it is known as "The Medicine Game"; when there is illness in the community, lacrosse is played as an act of solidarity to empower those in need. 

We carry this spirit into our business with two social impact initiatives to empower those in need: 

The Sock-for-Sock Mission: 

Beginning in 2019, we will be donating one pair of socks to local charities for every online order made.

Why? Socks are one of the most needed clothing items by charities. Yet, they are one of the least donated.

By making a purchase with Vision Socks, you're giving warm, clean, and dry feet for somebody in need. 

Artist Collaborations: 

Also beginning in 2019, Vision Socks launched its artist collaboration series. These collabs are limited edition sock designs, each telling a unique story.

Beyond supporting artists and providing a new channel to convey their message, a portion of each collaboration is donated to a charity of their choice – supporting a social cause important to them. Check out the collab series here.


We are humbled by the journey so far and grateful for everybody who has supported our entrepreneurship every step of the way.

We have been inspired by the new friendships our business has built, the opportunities we have had to learn, and the exciting future of our online sock store.

Thank you for joining the Vision.


Dan + Tom + Matt